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Riaz travel Birmingham is a family company that have many branches in many locations of England, also dubi and Pakistan etc, they are a travel company and also money transmiters, we bought our tickets to Pakistan though them for our whole family as our daughter was getting married.There was about eleven of our family members going the tickets were very expensive compared to other travel agents in alum rock, but we bought them we also sent around £25000 to Pakistan which was to pay for our daughters wedding, our flight was delayed for an hour and were not notified by riaz travel, we managed to get to Pakistan and a few days later went to the riaz travel office there to collect our money in order to start making wedding arrangements, but there was a problem apparently our money had not reached us in Pakistan, we were told to come back in a day or two, again we went, this time we were told that the money had not been sent to Pakistani even though it had been a week since we had sent it.

We kept going at there request but our money was never there we had to borrow money from family to pay for the wedding, the wedding had been done and our money was no where to be seen, we tried calling riaz travel Birmingham but some how when ever we rang there was no manager. We got back to England and my husband went to riaz travel Birmingham and spoke to a mr jawwad riaz who is the owner of riaz travel he was full of appoligise and said he will sort it out, it took over four months to get our money back!!

I would never recommend them this was supposed to be our daughter's biggest day in her life and riaz travel made sure it was the worst day of her life.Riaz travel are incompetent and are very good at taking your money just not very good at giving it back.

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